If you’re an SEO, a content marketer, a linkbuilder, an affiliate marketer - or really, anyone with a site interested in making your site visible in Google and making money with it - you can’t ignore links. Links have been a strong ranking factor since the early days of Google and they are not going anywhere. There is simply no other signal to replace links at scale.

But where can you get links?
I’ve got bad news for you: The link building and site ranking game is getting tougher every day. If you’ve been online for a while you may have noticed it yourself. We’re at war with Google: we want our sites to rank, Google wants to crack down on links it doesn’t like.

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There are two ways to get links:

First way - you spend hours every day looking for suitable sites, hunt down the webmasters’ contact information, bug them with your emails and beg them to post your article or place your links (or even - gasp! - pay for them!)

But how does that scale?

To rank a site, you need not one link, not five links, not even 20 links but many, many more - the more competitive your vertical is, the more links you need. Think of how many hours you have to spend doing boring, unrewarding work of contacting sites, being ignored, running the risk of being reported to Google if you offer money for links…

How much is one hour worth to you? Let’s say $50? Let’s say it takes you 3 hours to get one link placed (and this is a very conservative estimate, if you’re in a more competitive vertical or the site you’re building links for is not the most exciting site in the world people willingly link to this number can be easily multiplied by 10 or more - but let’s go with 3 hours for the sake of a very approximate estimate).

3 hours x $50 = $150 for just one link

This may not seem like a lot, but the more links you need the more expensive it becomes. By the time you get 10 links you’ve spent $1,500 in your precious time - the time you could spend doing something so much more exciting, like producing nice content, or improving your site, or coming up with new offers for your customers!

Second way

What has been a safe and easy solution yesterday …

… soon becomes spam in Google’s eyes as it bans a network after network:

What’s a poor link builder to do?

I have been thinking long and hard about it and came up with a solution. Google doesn't like link networks? - so scale things, but make sure THERE IS NO NETWORK!

Your links are placed on relevant resources, inside the blog posts covering your topic, but unlike all those other solutions Google has banned, there is no single source listing all the sites your links can end up on, there is no way you - or even me, or ANYBODY ELSE - can see where your links will go, and the only time you - and only YOU - learn where your links are is when you get a completely confidential report about placed links!

the targets for link placement are selected on the go, we do not keep a database of contacts we keep reusing for every client, we don't own any sites in this scheme, we don't deal with the same site owners over and over again, there is no plugin common to all sites, no other traceable element - hence, there is no network.

Is it good or bad that you don't know where your links will be placed?

You cannot preselect your targets, nor can you ask for any specific site characteristics, other than topical relevance.


Your links happen as close to naturally as possible with an artificial setup!

One important quote to keep in mind:

Guess what? That's EXACTLY what NONNetwork offers you!

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100%Money Back Guarantee*


*If we cannot complete your order you will get a 100% refund

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NONNetwork a link network/PBN?


Do you accept orders for sites in XYZ niche?

Except for porn sites, we accept everything else - if you're not sure contact us and we'll let you know

Can I ask for link removal at any point?

I'm afraid not, once the link is placed it stays there - remember, we don't keep the contacts database of site owners where we place your links, infact we destroy all records about the links we placed for you as soon as your report is delivered. This is done for your privacy and safety.

Can you provide a sample report of the links you've previously built?

All the client data, including previously built links or previously contacted link sources, is confidential and gets destroyed right after a client's order is delivered - hence we cannot provide any examples of previous link placements

How fast will the links be placed?

This depends on the number of links you're ordering and the specifics of your site's vertical - you will be provided with an estimate in the confirmation email

Do I need to provide the content for the blog posts?

You are advised to do so, just so you get your message out exactly the way you want it - but if you're unable to provide the content we will write it for you free of charge

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